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Buy From Local Florists, Save Money, Time and Stress

Have you ever sent flowers to someone online, and received something totally different than what you ordered? We hear these stories every day, so we have decided to address this problem, and explain why ordering from local florists will get you more bouquet for your buck.

Many floral customers have a story to tell, about how 1-800-Flowers forgot to deliver a balloon they ordered, how FTD sent different flowers than what was shown on website, or how Teleflora delivered a bouquet one day too late. Complaints are very common in the floral industry; customers are paying top dollar for a luxury product and expect consistency in service, as they should! There is good news, these headaches can be avoided for future flower orders,  ordering from a local florist will ensure better quality and value for your floral gift, let’s find out why.

Wire Services – sending flower orders to “Local Filling Florists” in your desired area


Each of these companies own and sell Wire Service memberships to local florists around the world. These are memberships offered to florists from small towns to big cities throughout the United States, allowing member florists to receive orders from other floral retailers. These Wire Services have a wide reach across the world, and most local florists are a “filling florist” for at least one of these companies.  This is actually a great idea, but unfortunately it hurts the filling florist and ultimately the customer buying the flowers, here is why:

Cost breakdown average for all Wire Service orders:

Filling Florist (the one who delivers the bouquet): 73% of order value

Sending Florist (the one who processes customer’s payment): 20% of order value

Clearinghouse (1-800-Flowers, FTD or Teleflora): 7% of order value

What you paid = $100

End value of your flowers = $73 minus service fees

You could be getting more flowers for your money, or spending less money on your flowers.

The Filling Florist only gets 73% of what you pay for flowers.


The first problem we can identify is that if you purchase a bouquet valued at $50, the filling florist only ends up seeing $36.50, and the filling florists are ultimately the ones that choose how many flowers they can afford to give you at that pricing point, and what vase they are going in. If the filling florist had $13 more to work with, they could make sure your bouquet is filled to value or even add a few more stems!

Sending Florists Cheat!

FloristOn many occasions, our shop has received calls from customers stating that they spent a great deal on the flowers they sent, and that the bouquet is undervalued. When our shop manager stepped in to solve the problem, he realized that the customer paid $80 and the order in question was only valued at $50! That means that the sending florist was skimming $30 off the top as a service fee. Anyone who pays any amount of money for flowers should feel confident that ALL their money is going towards what they ordered.

85% of a florist’s business comes from 1-800-Flowers, FTD, Teleflora and other sending florists


This is a problem, and it’s due to customers placing their trust in these mammoth floral retailers. While 1-800-Flowers, FTD and Teleflora offer an amazing tool for florists to conduct business with one another, they are also competing with local florists by offering undervalued products on their website, charging the customer high service and delivery fees, and the filling florist only sees a fraction of what the customer paid because of skimming, service fees and the percentage share of an order.
These companies earn 7% of every single order going through their Wire Service… that is a LOT of money. They also compete with local florists by selling bouquets on their own websites. Since they are not a brick-and-mortar florist, you are awarding them a total of 27% of what you paid to connect you with a local florist.

Why are 1-800-Flowers, FTD and Teleflora not real florists?


A real brick-and-mortar florist means that bouquets are built in the shop and delivered by an employee of the shop on a daily basis. These huge floral retailers only sell flowers online, and then send the order off to one of their local florists. Let’s start with telemarketers and floral sales representatives. All these huge floral retailers outsource their phone operations. This makes it very difficult for them to provide updates on your delivery, or solve your problem if you may encounter one.

"You may experience long hold times…"

Most of these sales representatives (the ones you speak with on the phone when placing an order) have very little knowledge about flowers and what to recommend. Chances are they have never built a bouquet in their life! This makes it difficult when you need a custom design, a speedy delivery or just some friendly advice when purchasing flowers.

Moral of the story, Google a local florist and send your floral gift through them!


It is so easy to call a local florist or order flowers through their website – all you have to do is Google “local florist + zip code” to find their information. You will know where your money is going, and you won’t have to communicate through a third party if there is a problem with your flowers.

We welcome you to call The After Hours Flowers or order online, we are here for you 24/7 in New York City.




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