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Prom night Corsage


Show off on prom night with the most elegant corsage!

 Picking out the right corsage for your date is a crucial part of prom. For many, the idea of selecting flowers for their dates can be a bit intimidating, but even a someone who's absolutely clueless about flowers can easily make the right selection.</span></p> 

- Make certain you know what color her dress is going to be and purchase a corsage that matches or contrasts well with the color.

- Ask her if she would prefer a corsage of her wrist or if she would like the traditional style in which you pin to her dress.

- Hold the corsage for her until you are ready to pin it on her dress or slide it over her hand. There is no reason to make her hold the corsage while you two wait for the ceremonial moment.

- Make certain to bring a small camera just in case. Pinning the corsage on her is a moment you want a photograph of as much as any other.

- Make certain that either you or someone in your family picks up the corsage several hours before you are due to pick up your date. You want to be prepared for any mix-ups or mistakes just in case you need to make last minute arrangements

- Keep the corsage in the refrigerator until you are ready to pick-up your date in order to keep it as fresh as possible.

- Don’t take the corsage out of the box until you’re ready to pin it on her. Again, this helps keep it fresh.

- Smile and look her in the eyes after you pin the corsage on her! You will be nervous, but you will enjoy the moment much more if you have a smile on your face and when you see one on hers! Additionally, it makes for better photos.

- If she lives with her mom, bring a flower for her as well. Every woman on Earth and in history feels beautiful when she’s given a flower and moms especially love to be remembered.


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