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Flowers? 24 Hours?

You’d be surprised what happens after you “call it a night.” As residents of New York City, we’re pretty much familiar with all the shenanigans that occur on a daily basis - especially on public transit. At this point we’re all “crazy” so why not do something crazy thoughtful instead? Send some flowers to your special someone, a friend, or maybe someone you just met to... you know, “Seal the Deal.”

With the After Hours Flowers, “regular business hours” are thrown out the window and thus many more options become available. Forgot to grab some flowers before you went to that family party? <em>Of course</em> you remembered your wife’s birthday. We’ve got you covered, on all occasions. Funerals are no different, from sprays to baskets to a thoughtful bouquet. And well, since we went there we might as well throw in some extras like balloons, chocolates, and much more for that cherry on top feeling. Fully customizable orders, combined with 24 hour service? If you ask me, your regular florist might get a little jealous. But hey! sometimes you have to do something a little crazy, right?

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