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Easter DIY Flower Arrangement Projects


Easter is almost here, and we need to get ready for some DIY projects to do at home with the family. We came up with some fun arrangements that would be an easy and festive way to pass your afternoon this upcoming weekend. If you need any flowers to fill these arrangements, please give us a call at 877.248.9518.

All in One Basket



Streamline your decorating by combining undyed eggs and a casual bouquet in a single, simple arrangement. The key: a minimalist wire basket reminiscent of the kind used to gather eggs in hen houses. Inside, set a clear glass cylinder vase filled with a loose bunch of tulips, lilacs, and ranunculus. Hard-boil or blow out two dozen eggs, and nestle around the vase.


Hold a Candle


Here's the votive's version of Easter finery: these enchanting assemblages, crafted in seconds and guaranteed to dress up any holiday table. All you need are candles, ribbon, gerbera daisies, cordial glasses, and double-stick tape. Affix a length of ribbon around the metal rim of the votive. Snip off almost the entire stem of the flower, splay out the petals, and insert into the glass. Top each daisy with a lit candle. For a twinkling effect, place a glass at each setting.


Bloom Beauty


To make your own garden-fresh wreath, you will first need an Oasis wet-foam wreath, found at any florist, floral supply or by calling us at 877.248.9518.  Dip a foam wreath in water until it's damp but not dripping, then stand it upright in a sink for one hour to drain. Trim each flower stem to one to two inches, and insert into foam. Pack flowers tightly, overlapping them so no foam is visible. Add a wreath hook, either store-bought or fashioned from wire. Wrap with ribbon, and finish with a flourish, in a dapper necktie knot.

Get Carried Away


Brimming with vibrant tulips and intensely hued eggs, a rustic berry tray becomes a cheery centerpiece to brighten any tabletop. Look for flat-bottom antique wooden carriers (called trugs) at flea markets, or artificially age a new one from a garden store using sandpaper. Place tiny terra-cotta pots inside the base in free-form rows, filling the spaces in between with mounds of decorative moss. In about half the containers, perch dyed hard-boiled eggs; in the other half, insert dampened floral Oasis (available at crafts stores), tulip blossoms, and more moss.

Regal Rabbit


Elevate a beribboned white-chocolate bunny to top-tier status with this clever triple-decker display. To make: Remove labels from two unopened tin cans. With a glue gun, attach cans to the centers of three round cake pans as shown. Divide flats of wheatgrass (available at health food stores), and arrange inside pans with the grass poking out. Add foil-covered chocolate eggs to each pan. Set atop a low cake stand, and let your bunny preside over the festivities.

Peep Show



 Bring some fun to the kids' table with zero-fuss decorations as irresistible as they are indestructible. For the centerpiece, fill white plastic egg cups with green jelly beans, then add marshmallow chicks and mini daisies. The no-sew tablecloth is equally easy: Use a crafts store grommet kit to punch holes at the edges of kitchen towels, then join them all together with ribbon bows.

Pour on the Charm


Easter brunch will be both elegant and informal with a centerpiece composed of sweetly mismatched tea sets. Pull out your own collection or check antiques stores and eBay for inexpensive vintage pieces in the same color palette (here, a lidless gold-trimmed teapot with patterned porcelain teacups). Fill with a relaxed arrangement of tulips and pansies in the shades of cream and pink. Tuck decorative eggs amid the teacup blossoms, and give the real attention-getters, like this green plaid one, a solo display.

Splendor in the Grass



A mini-cupcake holder rises to the occasion when it's re purposed as a seasonal accent. Just insert pint-size pots plus blades of wheat grass from a health-food store, alternating daffodils with dyed eggs.

Be sure to tag us (@flowerninjas) in whichever DIY project you choose to do this Sunday, or anytime this spring with your floral achievements, in the house or in the garden!


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