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Christmas: The Most Popular Floral Holiday


Most people believe the most important floral holidays are Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Surprisingly, Mother’s Day accounts for 25% of yearly floral purchases, Valentine’s Day is also 25%, and Christmas/Chanukah is a time when 30% of annual floral buying occurs! Let’s find out why…


Who are people buying flowers for?

For the most part, people generally buy floral gifts for a wife or spouse, parents or in-laws and close friends. Shockingly, 34% of flowers bought during the holidays are intended for the buyer, 32% are for parents or in-laws, and 29% are for wife or spouse. The conclusion we can safely draw is that people love to have a decorated house for when family come over on the holidays.


What is the most popular Christmas gift?

During this time of the year, a special plant is in bloom called the Poinsettia. Poinsettias come in a variety of colors, the most popular being the Red Poinsettia. Other colors include white, pink and mixed Poinsettias. Between 70 million and 80 million Poinsettias are sold on the Christmas Holiday in the United States. 74% of sold Poinsettias are red, 8% are white, 6% are pink and 3% are mixed.

Poinsettias add a festive touch of decoration for a home or office, especially when placing several of these vibrant plants throughout. The bright red color brings life to the room with a simple elegance. Brighten your home, office or the special people in your life by purchasing a Poinsettia.



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