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Flowers inspiring our Architecture


Nature has always shaped the way we think about design. We revert back to our natural surroundings to inspire the structures we inhabit. Flowers, blooms of thriving plant life. We can use flowers in our home to complement our decor or to decorate our gardens. Flowers give a much needed sense of liveliness to any space.

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you"

~ Frank Lloyd Wright


Ancient Floral Architecture

Floral design was first adopted into architecture design in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians realized early on that flowers offer an elegant, symmetrical design while also complementing their surroundings. Floral designs were engraved in columns for decorating temples. They would then paint over the stone to mimic the vivid colors of a flower. We can also see this form of architecture imitated today in our ornamentation of Georgian style courthouses.


Modern Design

Many modern structures derive their form from flowers. You can call them our "natural sky scrapers." The tallest structure in the world today, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, shares a striking resemblance to flower petals from aerial view. The symmetry of flowers is what we find aesthetically pleasing, we should all hope that the beauty of flowers shines through in future architecture projects.



At Home

Is your home bland or missing color? You can always use fresh flowers to ornament a boring living room or to fill a corner in your house. A bouquet will fit right in, no matter where you put it. Or you can dazzle your garden with brilliant blossoms and make all your neighbors jealous. You can never go wrong with flowers!




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