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10 Ways to Fix Your Relationship

Everyone makes mistakes. If you want to make amends, you could always send some flowers with a nice message attached. If flowers just won't do the job, here are 10 helpful hints on how to get your significant other to forgive you:


The first and most important strategy is to apologize sincerely. In most cases, this direct approach will be the most effective.


Ask them what you did to upset them. They might still be too upset to tell you, but make sure you listen to what they have to say carefully and make mental notes so you can avoid the same pitfall again.


Instead of watching what you want to watch, change the channel to their favorite movie, TV show or sports channel. Sit with them, share some laughs or yell at the referee for making bad calls. This will help remind them of who you really are, and not the person they are angry with right now (that’s not you!).


Cook their favorite meal, whether you cook breakfast in bed (no one turns down breakfast in bed!), or a romantic candle-lit dinner, many battles can be resolved over a good meal and a heartfelt discussion.


Bring home their favorite bottle of wine. After a few glasses, your problem will not seem as difficult and it will feel less awkward to bring up the issue and try to find a resolution together.


Surprise them with tickets to the opera, theater, or movie you know they have been wanting to see. Purchase a glass of wine and their favorite cookie during intermission. If you are at the movies, perhaps refrain from getting extra butter on the popcorn (unless that is what they prefer!).


Purchase an all-inclusive spa package. A day at the spa is always relaxing and helps ease the tensions of the day. Many arguments stem from a stressful mentality – after getting a massage, and visiting baths and saunas, your significant other will come home unstressed, and willing to approach the topic with an open mind.


For a more intimate way to say I’m sorry, run a hot bubble bath with rose petals and bath oils, and some candles. If you have never done this, it will be a huge surprise and you will earn huge brownie points. These kind of gestures are remembered for a lifetime.


When all else fails, give them a strong, tight hug and make sure it lasts at least 30 seconds. Just hold them and tell them how much you actually care. You would be surprised what a strong tight hug can do for a person, especially when it is the last thing that you feel like doing.


If none of the above are useful you can always fall back on old faithful, shiny JEWELRY! The thought of you going out of your way to pick a piece of jewelry that you think would look nice on them will bring some warmth to their heart.


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